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Free Printable Branding Worksheet

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It’s freebie time. Because who doesn’t love free things?

Every client I’ve worked with on a branding project has gotten a version of my branding questionnaire to fill out. And EVERY SINGLE  branding client has told me that they loved working on it. The most frequent comment I get is that it really helped them dive deeper and realize their values and goals while solidifying their business idea. So I’m about to give this to you for free because I think it’s so helpful.

Before you roll your eyes at filling out a “worksheet”, I’ll have you know that this isn’t just any old busywork. It’s a list of magical questions to get at the root of who you really are as a brand and what your core values are, as well as what sets you apart.

Over time, I’ve taken all the best feedback on my original questionnaire and crafted some awesome questions that will get you thinking about your business. I even filled the first page out myself (please excuse my horrible handwriting) so you can see I practice what I preach.

Here’s the first page of the worksheet all filled out with my answers.

So go print this worksheet out and start answering questions! Or use the questions as prompts for journaling or working on a business plan. I would advise making notes and condensing your answers for the worksheet. In editing your notes you’ll find the core of what you want to say.

If you’re feeling extra, grab the full color version.

If you fill this out and want to work with me, feel free to fill out this contact form here with your contact info and a little shout out and I’ll get in touch.

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