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Case Study: Raleigh Provisions Website Redesign

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Raleigh Provisions is a shop in downtown Raleigh that specializes in local North Carolina made products and gift baskets. They have been open about 2 years now and wanted a redesign for their website that would make everything simple and cohesive.

The Challenges:

I was the original designer of their landing page so I was aware of the first challenge, which was that there was a quick landing page that linked off to a disconnected main site (under a subdomain). Once you landed on the site the main page was a blog that was not sustained, understandably, because it’s time consuming to be running a store and blogging at the same time!

We felt like the most important things that were being missed where that website visitors needed to understand the ethos of the shop and there needed to be call to actions for products and specialized services. Gift baskets were important to highlight and needed new photography and styling. The client’s goal was to simplify the information and direct attention to the product.

What I Did:

First, I added in some specific content areas onto a new homepage. I worked with the shop owner and manager to updated imagery and gift basket photos. Those enhanced those homepage sections and made them stand out, especially with new call to action buttons to link to different areas of the site.

I wanted to design a more robust header and footer for the site to contain relevant information that was frequently asked by shoppers. I added the hours and phone number very prominently. The footer now has social links and proudly displays and brings attention to their affiliates like DTR Independent shops.

We removed content that wasn’t necessary anymore like an event calendar (covered by social media) and an image gallery (covered by Instagram). This increased the amount of focused content for site visitors. Our goal was to keep it simple!

Finally, I pointed the main domain to the squarespace site and we were good to go. Now Raleigh Provisions has a simple, cohesive and focused site to represent the store!

How we redesigned

Emily Davidson