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Raleigh Provisions


Raleigh Provisions

Compass elements and vintage gas station signs served as inspiration for this branding work for a bodega-esque store selling local goods in downtown Raleigh, NC.

Roles: Branding



When the client came to me and said they were opening a corner store in downtown Raleigh that would sell awesome local goods, my mind immediately flew to bodegas, an inspiration from my most recent trip to NYC. I researched hand painted bodega signage and vintage gas station signs and had a lot of fun drawing many different options for what would become the signature RP mark.


Behind the Scenes

Ideation starts for me with a pencil (BIC mechanical or a 6B drawing pencil for early prototypes), a Molskine notebook, and a kneaded rubber eraser. I split out concepts and draw anywhere from 5 - 20 ideas for those concepts in each section. Once I’m done purely brainstorming, I’ll go back in and choose around 3 - 5 of my best ideas to explore more. Narrowing that down even further, I will take those more final sketches into illustrator to trace and refine the sketch.

I created the branding board below to show the client the concepts as a round of revision. That way, they could see the finished logos and get more insight into my direction for the brand.