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Every year for the past 8 years, Raleigh plays host to Hopscotch music festival with 100+ bands playing over 3 days. My partner and I created a web app based on our mutual love of painstakingly listening to all the bands and rating if we want to see them on a scale of 1 - 5 (5 being a “Can’t Miss This” band).  We wanted our friends to join in so we hooked it up to Facebook to compare average friend ratings and create auto-generated schedules for every 15 minute increment on the festival days.

Roles: Design Direction, Web Design, Web Development


Visualizing the Brand + Design

I wanted to use eye-catching colors and gradients on dark backgrounds, inspired by concert lighting and the thrill of seeing live music. The logo was a serendipitous combo of some well placed typography and a modification of a rockin’ icon that I styled to include a festival wristband.


Web Design + Development

In designing the UI for this app, I was focused on clearly communicating the interest in a band and the aggregated friend score for friend’s likelihood of going to the same show as the user. The dashboard would show your recent ratings, a countdown of days to the festival, and the most recent rating from a friend. “Can’t Miss” scores were highlighted in the UI to draw attention to the bands that the user had rated.

We created the app using AngularJS. I used HTML, Sass, and Javascript on the front end. It was my first project from scratch using a Javascript framework on the front end and I loved the freedom we had to choose to make our own components, as opposed to using a Wordpress platform. My partner worked on the backend and API for the app and it was a really fun side project for us to collaborate on together. We left our Google spreadsheets in the dust and allowed the app to collect our ratings and make our schedule for us and our friends!