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Creating a Recognizable Brand: Consistency


Consistency is key for branding. It’s how your business or project will become recognizable. Therefore, it’s important to stick to fundamental guidelines. But how do you do that when there’s a ton of different items on your to-do list like business cards, stationary, packaging… a whole website?

The easiest way to stay consistent is to set your standards. I help my clients start deciding on their standard for consistency by having them fill out a branding questionnaire. Branding questionnaires help you take a deep dive into what you want your overall aesthetic to be by identifying your target audience and personal preferences, as well as things you like and don’t like.

I review that questionnaire and we have a conversation to pinpoint key details that I will use to create a mood board for their branding. Those details might be certain colors, patterns, or an overall look that defines your brand.

This is my mood board I refer back to for my own business brand.

This is my mood board I refer back to for my own business brand.

Once all that information has been collected I work on the actual logo and any other designs that help create a suite of branding. When that is finalized, the foundation of the client’s branding consistency lies in the branding guidelines. A branding guidelines document should give you a good idea of the boundaries of using the logo, colors, and fonts. That document should be a summary of the finalized brand. This way, you’ll have a point to refer back to to keep you on track.

Remember, what is right for you might not be the right way for someone else. The most important concept behind consistency in your brand is to stay true to the foundation and values of your business. With that and the tools like a mood board and branding guidelines you will be able to make informed choices on what aligns to your brand and achieve a recognizable look.

Do you need a Professional Consistency Buddy to help you make sure your brand is on track? We should talk about working together!

Emily Davidson