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Bittersweet is a self-proclaimed ‘terribly wonderful dessert and cocktail bar’ located in Raleigh, NC. The owner, Kim, needed a branding that evoked the feeling of conversation over drinks and pie; looking fun and crafty yet grown up.

Roles: Branding, Web Design, Web Development



For the logo for Bittersweet, I wanted to channel my client’s concept of a bar where customers could come together over a gin cocktail or an Irish coffee and pecan pie. I used hand-drawn looking type with accents of crafty conversation bubbles and a dessert-worthy color palette to achieve that look. As time has gone on, we realized that the most primary use of the logo was on darker, chocolate-colored backgrounds and have gone with a flattened style.

Artboard 5.png

Branding Details

The cupcake and martini glass were part of the original logo concepts, and now they are used as accents throughout the brand. The cupcake, itself, plays homage to the roots of the owner, who started off running a successful home-based cupcake bakery.

The birthday logo was created to celebrate the 4-year anniversary of the bar. I changed the martini glass out for a celebratory glass of champagne.


Web Design

The website for Bittersweet was an important part of the face of their business. It needed to be informational and showcase their delicious cocktails and desserts. Bold strips of color hold important features, as I wanted to carry consistency of the slightly off-kilter, handmade vibe of the brand into the web presence. Event features on the top of the homepage and a large Instagram feed were essential. Secondary to that and sandwiched in-between are the two most frequently asked questions when people called in: “What are your hours?” and “Where are you located?”

I developed this site in Wordpress so that it would be super easy for the client to go in and make content updates and add images. As we knew most people would be viewing the site on their phones, having a responsive site was of the utmost importance. I created their theme from scratch working in PHP, HTML, using Sass for styling.